I will respond to your enquiry to arrange a telephone call, which is free of charge and lasts about 20-30 minutes.
This gives us a chance to see if booking an initial appointment with me is suitable for you.
During the call I will explain in more detail how I work, and I will go through some formalities with you, such as taking your contact details and providing you with an intake form (emailed to you following the call) in preparation for the first session, should you choose to go ahead.
The form contains questions around your mental/physical health, your GP contact details, and your present circumstances.
This needs to be returned to me prior to the first session.
I will also send you my contract for you to sign.
Each session is 50 minutes and usually weekly at the same time each week.  If required I can also see you twice a week.
Each session costs £40.  I have concessions for students or people on low income which are £30.  
That obviously depends on the severity of the difficulties you are experiencing and how interested you become in discovering yourself. You can have 'short-term' therapy of between 6 and 12 sessions or you can have 'open-ended' therapy which can go on for months and/or years during which you will have regular reviews to assess how well you are doing. This is something you can discuss at your initial appointment.
No, although some people find it helpful to keep a journal but this is private and entirely for your own benefit. A journal can take any form - drawings, writing, music - where you can record your thoughts, insights, feelings and dreams between sessions.
I use either video call or telephone to work with you, and the choice is yours.  I do not offer face to face sessions.
Usually a problem is not an isolated phenomenon which can be removed, leaving you as you were, minus the problem.  It is usually helpful to look at the bigger picture.
Counselling can help you gain a new perspective on your life and your situation. It can help you reflect on the changes you need to make to reach a better place. Sometimes it can feel like a transformation.

Attending an initial appointment does not commit you to further sessions but is a time to consider whether you would feel comfortable working with me. It's important to take notice of your gut feelings. When we first meet we will spend time talking about the difficulties you are experiencing currently, any past history which you feel may be relevant and what you may hope and expect to gain from therapy.
Yes, I can offer therapy in German too.  I’m a native German speaker and grew up bilingually, so I am equally fluent in both languages.
Yes, sessions need to be cancelled with 48 hours notice.  Otherwise the full session fee is due.
Yes, I will not talk to others about what you share with me except when I am at supervision and then your identity will be masked. The limits to this commitment to confidentiality are if I have a real concern that you intend to harm either yourself or someone else.